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Ron Umdenstock, Chairman

All Post Adjutants received an order form in their monthly packet from Department. Check with them and make copies for the number of nursing homes you are submitting this year.

Starting OCTOBER 1, 2020 to place your orders ON LINE and the deadline to place orders will be NOVEMBER 1, 2020 Make sure you get return confirmation. Make copies for nursing homes and post.

Your Division Chairman will set a date, time and will arrange for a place for your Division orders to be delivered. Check with him and plan to pick up your orders.

Before taking the order forms to the facilities you should fill in the information about the Legion Post, District, Division and the Legion Family Representative. All order will be delivered to Legion Family Representative; it is a must that we have a current phone number they can be reached at (no post phone numbers). Be sure to put the nursing home activity director name and phone number on order form.

New this year: All sweat Suits will be NAVY BLUE and then there will be a fleece sweater. Still available will be the blankets and gift bags.

We will be filling orders the month of November; some items may need to be substituted if we run out of items ordered, On Line ordering will tell you what sizes are available.

A complete report will be available from your Division Chairmen After April 15 and be sure to check out our report in the Department convention book.

Your Division Chairmen are:

  • 1st Div. Joe Hedrick, Phone 847-965-1774
  • 2nd Div. Jeff Cox (Chairman), Phone 630-553-9108
  • 3rd Div. John Gleckler, Phone 217-779-7515 (Vice Chairman)
  • 4th Div. TBA
  • 5th Div. Francis (Dutch) Jancek, Phone 618-654-3867

REMEMBER NOVEMBER IS GIFTS TO THE YANKS WHO GAVE MONTH Good time to have your fundraisers and send your contributions into the Department office ear marked for the GTTY program on the GTTY form.

Dead line for donation to be posted in convention book is April 15, 2019

Don't forget to support THE LEGION RIDERS on their rides for Gifts to the yanks program.

Information on web site (click on order information) there should be three pieces of information. Print for your use.



 The Gifts To The Yanks Who Gave is asking for your support for the program. The GTTY program is for Illinois Veterans. We gives Christmas gifts to our veterans in VA hospitals, IL Veterans Homes, Local Nursing Homes and Home Bound. This gift goes to Disabled Veterans under the care of medical staff.

If you would send me your mailing address I would send you a sample of the American Legion Riders GTTY Lapel Pin, Patch and T-Shirt. These items can be used to help raise funds for the program.

We have an order form, Lapel Pins and Patches are $5.00 and the T-Shirts $15.00. You can go on line for additional forms and to order, go to

The Gifts To The Yanks Who Gave Commission THANKS YOU for your support. All donations go for the program and we gave out over 8000 Christmas gifts to our veterans in Illinois during 2014.

Please consider doing a FUND RAISER for the GTTY help us continue remembering our veterans at Christmas. Send donations to the American Legion, Dept. of IL (earmarked GTTY)

Meeting Minutes, APRIL 11, 2015
Department Headquarters
Ron Umdenstock, Chairman

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Ron Umdenstock

Roll call (Present) Joe Hedrick 1st Division Chairman, Jeff Cox 2nd Division Chairman, John Gleckler Department Vice Chairman and 3rd Division Chairman, Ron Umdenstock Department Chairman and 4th Division Chairman, Francis Jancek 5th Division Chairman.

Guest: Bernie Stegmueller, Past Department Commander, American Legion Diana Umdenstock, Past Department President, American Legion Auxiliary Robert Witkowski, 16th District Gift To The Yanks Chairman Bob Benko, Post 1084 Gift To The Yanks Chairman Gloria Jancek, 5th Division Poppy Chairman

Finance report was given; Jeff made a motion to accept, second, Motion Carried.

Discuss the Program with everyone sharing ideas for Christmas 2015. The color of the sweat suits will be navy blue this year. Try to get the sweaters again and making them all the same color. Check on prices for bathrobes, last one was nice but we just happen to get a good deal on them. Checking on Velcro straps for the wheel chair bags. Order the blankets and do the gift bags.

Gloria told us that a school in her area puts the playing cards back in the boxes so we can put a deck into each gift bag. A thank you card will be sent to the school.

Chairmen shared this past year delivery of gifts and talked over changes for the coming year. They will be checking orders closer as we did this past year for double orders, wrong District/Division numbers and be sure there is a Legion member listed.

The plaques and certificates will again be given at the Division meetings, this works real well and less time at convention.

The Legion Riders patch design was show and discussed, it was decided to make them 2"x2" and to go ahead and order them.

A new Lapel pin was given to each chairman and they will be available at convention.

They would like to get more PR for the GTTY Program, it was suggested to put the book marks in the libraries and hand out during the fund raisers in November. New poster boards have been printed and ask that they be used when collecting donations and also posted in the Legion Post homes.

Ron thanked everyone for their support of the Gifts To The Yanks Program and for attending the meeting.

Having no further business the meeting was adjourned.

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